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With an increase in theĀ numbers of apprenticeships in the trade, we’d thought we devote this space to providing the basics for you budding artisans out there.



Every carpenter worth his salt requires a range of carpentry tools such as hammers, tape measures, speed square, end cutters, screwdrivers, saws, nails, tool belts and many more to add in the list. You require hard work and practice to use these tools to carry out every carpentry task precisely. Whether you or your client require repair work, remodeling, refurbishing or manufacturing, these tools enable you to provide a quality carpentry service.



As you can see in the graphic above, all these carpentry tools have their own specific functions and importance that helps in carrying out the particular activity. In case you did not already know, tape measure & combination square are for measurement; electrical drill for drilling holes & drive screws; hammers are for fixing the nails; screwdrivers for fixing or removing the screws; saws for cutting wood; chisel for carving wood. All these tools are available in different weights, sizes, shapes and types, depending on the specific materials used and the requirements of the task.



Hand tools or power driven tools can be purchased depending on the needs, work level and budget. You need to purchase quality, strong, durable and the most appropriate tools to perform all woodworking tasks effectively. However, tools do not a carpenter make and some jobs are the domain of a professional carpentry services. Which is what we are!



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